Well hello.
I noticed or came across alot of great blogs of animators and artists recently. it might be a trend, but i don't care, i love meeting new people and checking out there artwork.

A little about me. I am a senior in college at edinboro university in pa. Majoring in animation, with minors in photo and printmaking. so expect to see alittle of all of these thingies! You would think being in school i would be sketching all the time, but with schoolwork, a job, a girl, and being in charge of a club... i rarely get to do so. To see some of past work, please check out http://yourfathersmustache.deviantart.com/

Here's a few doodles for this animation i am doing. When i get storyboards in a working order i will throw them on here. please feel free to comment and critique my work, its what i need!

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