Posse + Junior

I finally got my lazy bones up and cleaned up my posse tribute sticker in illustrator
the harded part was the text but other than that it was smooth sailing.
i printed out 18 of these for sticker pack trades, horray!

read up more on the original here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/André_the_Giant_Has_a_Posse

Also I got a call from Sony Imageworks about my portfolio submission i sent them over a month ago. i was denied a job of course, but when they said my style was "too junior", i got a lump in my throat. Their a big company and i went out on a limb for that position. Now this is pushing me harder on myself, to make some new works and keep creativing with my new friend 'illustrator' and hopefully to a flash dialog test by the end of the month.
Funny cause i just picked up this fancy Art of "Open Season" special box edition...

great book, maybe i should go see the movie?

more art and fun later. its almost 3am here and the night freaks me out, especially when i got radiohead playing in my headphones!

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