experimental night

did alittle bit of everything today. i love having days off from work, it doesn't make me feel pushed in any way. its remind me of college weekends, with no school. should i catch up on work or just party. but i always ended up doing both, just like today. ok i am rambling.

but it was 70 degrees today, i had my window open!!!! in december, in pennsylvania!
my folks were doing yardwork, my cat sleeping in the window, me watching both jackass movies...life is good.

so i did alittle streetart stickers, played online, doodled something for a contest i'll probaly forget about, and did the laundry. plus i've been having a craving for pickle beet eggs, odd right?

i got invited to a streetart show in new mexico. small group show on short notice...so i'll just send some prints and maybe a quick canvas board.

also i was just experimenting with some digital coloring with that monkey begger i did a couple days ago, take a look...

left: flash
right: illustrator lines + quick photoshop colors

yep i'm digging the right (doesn't the left look like picasso or something)

thats all...
p.s. i think punk-ska is gonna make a comeback !

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