Gabba Gabba Wrap Party

last night i went to our show 'yo gabba gabba' wrap party. which means they are all done filming the show, but still editing it and adding the cool special effects. had to be one of the coolest things i've seen in awhile. great friends, food, fun, and music. i went with my good friend jen.
heres me blind looking into the sun...

the small block party is actually from the movie 'christmas with the kranks'. it was cool to see all these fake houses and sets.

co-workers enjoying the music and food

the band, smoochy (i think thats them), played a few songs. its was awesome to see these 6-10 year olds playing music. they are on an episode of the show.

ryan skatting with the band...

they even had 2 bouncy castles, i was tempted to jump on in, i so should of!

parker with his daughter

and at night they screened the first 3 episodes of the show which looks great.

and thats it, awesome night.
thanks to the staff for a fun event, it was a pleasure and a honor to work with them all. i hope i can be part of the team next season!

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