Book cover designs!

So for the past year I've been doing a semi-daily journal of my life (which can be seen at: http://wysockiweekday.blogspot.com/ ), which I called a "datebook". For fun I started using only red and black markers to draw them with. Since some people might have a fondness for them, I figured lets collect them in alittle book and sell them for cheap to friends who like crappy art! YAY!

So now the hard part comes up where I been trying to decide on what I want the cover to look like, so heres many doodles, I would LOVE if anyone who see's these, could pick there fav or 2. Help me get a good feeling for whats working and not!


Lucy said...

I really like #3 and 5 :)

Ticky Tock said...

numero 4

Kris said...
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Kris said...


AKA "bookcover1.jpg"

All nice concepts!