Chipmunks and Dinosaurs

Heres some artwork I picked up at Comic Con last summer that I never scanned or framed until this weekend! To me, picking up original cel art at a con is the highlight of it. Something about the vinyl plastic sticking to original clean-uped lineart packed in boxes upon boxes just makes my heart jump.

I have a few shows that I really must have from my childhood, ones come to mind would be...
1. Ren and Stimpy ( i have seen some, but they are really expensive, like $100+)
2. Bobby's World
3. Captain Planet (why not right?)
4. Anything Nickelodeon (Rockos, Real Monsters, Doug, Hey Arnold, Angry Beavers)
5... Ok, theres so many movies and other silly stuff

Alvin and the Chipmunks was another fun cartoon that I didnt watch religiously, but I did from time to time, memories!

Land Before Time
I pissed my pants when I found these. This is from the original and not the 20-something sequels they did. The cels are super long for pan shots I believe. And the model sheet type drawings are an extra bonus!

until next year, fingers crossed for some amazing cels!

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