Time Off

So I am gonna be without a job for a couple weeks as some projects are in need of a good fixing! So now I gots some free time to catch up on some personal projects that need to be done with, heres a gaylord list:

1. Hit the gym every day!
2. Clean the apartment and do a little guilded tour for my family!
3. Stickers stickers stickers
4. Put together my daily comics book!
5. Start the Million Muppet Mashup
6. Flag project
7. Some vector projects!

So its gonna be a crazy time indeed!!!

What projects are you gonna be working on?

1 comment:

Parker Simmons said...

Nice! Can't wait to see the fruits and vegetables of your labor.

I've been staying after I finish work to work on that fucking Dr. Mario short.

Gonna spend weekends on it now too.