30 Day Challenge - Days 13 - 17

Here we are again, another set of daily doodles for the draw challenge. every day at 4pm a few co-workers get together and doodle it up, as they kill it with some computer help, i keep it simple with post-its and pencils

day 13. Fav comic. Since I already drew 'calvin and hobbs', i figured comic could mean anything... so why not a comedian! I love listening to podcasts that have Doug Benson on them. I should of drew Jerry Seinfeld, since i just saw him live last week!
day 14. fav fairytale. i like alot of them, but pinnochio was just fun to draw at the time.
day 15. family picture. the people in my life, brady bunch style! i also had the idea of drawing me as an old man, walking down the stairs with pictures of everyone on the wall (kinda like in the movie up)
day 16. inspiration. I guess what keeps me moving is my past. coming from a poor family, i busted my ass studying and doing well in high school and college with the hopes of it paying off in the future. I hope to see those fruits of my labor someday, ha!
day 17. favorite plant. I was stumped (get it, STUMPED!), and apparently a mushroom isn't one (thanks nerds) so they gave me the idea of drawing the green giant, i'm sure he tastes healthy!

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