30 Day Challenge - Days 23 - 27

Here we are again, another set of daily doodles for the draw challenge. every day at 4pm a few co-workers get together and doodle it up, as they kill it with some computer help, i keep it simple with post-its and pencils!

day 23. Something I Need. I really need a haircut and shave... later that night I actually got one! BOO-Yah!

day 24. A couple. Puppet lovers Bert and Ernie

day 25. Scenery. a daily view for me, looking out those giant bus windows. Earlier this week I saw a bum play alittle pocket pool on a bench! who needs coffee after that?

day 26. Something I don't like. Pickles, ick! Traffic in LA, vomit!

day 27. Someone you'd Love Gotta draw the cheese to my macaroni!

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