The Return of the 30 Day Challenge - Days 1-5

Here we are again, another set of daily doodles for the draw challenge. every day at 4pm a few co-workers get together and doodle it up, as they kill it with some computer help, i keep it simple with post-its and pencils!
Here is the new list if you'd like to play along...

day 1. Muppet. One, One day! AH AH AH

day 2. Favorite Sport. I could of gone goofy like pinball, or mini golf; but baseball is my pastime game. Also kinda tried a diff drawing style.

day 3. First mode of transportation. First mode of transportation! My oversized TMNT skateboard!

day 4. A secret about myself. Small embarrassing secret. I don't collect stamps any more, but I got books and books filled with them!

day 5. Favorite movie. The back to the future trilogy is one of my fav I suppose!

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