30 Day Challenge - Days 11 - 20

Here we are again, another set of daily doodles for the draw challenge. every day at 4pm a few co-workers get together and doodle it up, as they kill it with some computer help, i keep it simple with post-its and pencils!

Day 11 - Request at the end of the world. I'd get a sailboat and go out to sea!

Day 12 - What I wanted to be when I grew up. I remember a drawing i did in pre-school of me as a garbage man!

Day 13 - Mythical Creature. This ones called a 'Pan'. I just picked a random one

Day 14 - Worst Punishment. That sand pit creature in 'return of the jedi'.

Day 15 - Favorite Fish. The Pixar fish

Day 16 - Major Pain in our lives. Heartbreak

Day 17 - First Crush. I really didnt have a crush til high school, thats pathetic... so I drew something more general!

Day 18 - Outer Space. ET needs to get home

Day 19 - Fav Holiday. Dress up day

Day 20 - Faux Pas. Everything wedding related!

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