Free Comic Book Day

Last Saturday was Free Comic Book Day, a day to celebrate your local comic book shop! Some places have free comics, food and even some professional artists... and now me!  

At my local shop 'Meltdown Comics' they put out the word that artists can come out and meet n greet with fans. So I called and ask if I could be apart of it, thinking i would be off in the corner. Instead I was placed at the front door, being the first to say hi to people and hand out 100+ free mini zines.

I even got to do alot of doodles for the kids, drawing Jabba the Hutt, batman, spiderman, superman, wonder woman, iron man and dinosaurs. I even sold some books, getting me prepped for future cons coming up!

I really enjoyed interacting with fans of comics and having some fun!

A big THANK YOU to meltdown for the opportunity,  here's a little thank you card...

oh yeah, Shia Labeouf was there too, more on that later... but for now i gotta draw a comic about the experience!

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Jon Ventura said...

dope! I should have stopped by.